For years many women have being afraid of lifting anything heavier than those little pink dumbells seen in most gyms. However its now becoming more and more popular to see women doing some resistance training as part of their programme and its having huge benefits for the women that do. The myth that lifting weights makes you too big is starting to be put to rest and finally women are beginning to reap the rewards of doing some strength training.

Some of the benefits are:

Helps make women leaner, improves muscle tone and burns fat

Keeps your metabolism raised, muscle needs more calories

Helps increase bone density and can help prevent osteoporosis which is much more common in women

Improves posture and can reduce lower back pain

Reduces stress and can improve mood

Help you feel more confident and improve your own body image.

And there are many more positives to women doing some strength training but these are some of the main ones more women are starting to experience. Plus ladies, on average the female levels of testosterone are only 5-10% that of men and we have a pretty hard time adding muscle as it is! Hopefully this helps change some minds and attitudes of women and gets ye lifting heavier and getting the rewards from it.