This week we are covering the topic of Foam rolling. It’s something we start each of our workouts with here at Unlimited Fitness but is something I would encourage everyone to do for themselves.

Foam rolling and SMR –What is it?
Self Myofascial  Release (SMR) is often referred to as the poor mans massage! Myofascial release is a hands on technique used by therapists for years to release tight tissue in the body and help restore the sliding surfaces.  A similar effect can be achieved using a foam roller and can leave you feeling and moving better. Although it is never a replacement for the hands on attention of a therapist, it can be a nice alternative to keep in your daily routine.
Foam rolling can have a wide range of benefits for those training and even for those who don’t. Some of the basic benefits will be increased blood flow throughout the body, better movement and increased range of motion. These benefits can decrease the chance of injury and decrease recovery time after a workout. A decreased recovery time means more training sessions per week/month and results can come quicker. Increased circulation is huge for recovery and greater range of motion means you get to work muscles more through the full movement in the gym.
Some of the best areas to target on the foam roller are:
Calves – Many people are left with tight and shortened calves due to poor and improper footwear. Spending time on the roller can lead to benefits like a deeper squat or simply reduce pain and stiffness.
Quads – The muscles at the front of the thigh can often become short due to us been in seated positions for much of our day. This can lead to muscles in the hips being tighter and in turn can cause some people back pain.
Upper back – Either from poor sitting position or even just the stresses of everyday life most people find alot of tightness or pain in the upper back

A simple yet effective strategy for getting yourself moving and feel better that wont cost you a fortune. Make this part of your daily routine and start noticing the benefits for yourself. It can be done at the start of your workout or simply on the floor infront of the TV in the evening times. Its always a good time to foam roll!!!