One of the main tips I give someone who is looking to improve their diet is to usually increase the amount of protein they consume during the day. Having a protein source at each of your meals can make a massive difference but what are some of the benefits of increasing it in your diet?

-Protein is filling and keeps you satiated for longer. This results in you not being as hungry and being able to reduce your calories without having to starve yourself

-Helps increase lean muscle mass. Increased muscle masswill help burn more calories and fat throughout the day. But dont worry, extra protein wont make you big and bulky, it will only help you achieve that toned look without making muscles look massive

-Help your recovery after a workout

– Better bone density and less risk of osteoporosis

So where do I get my protein?
Opt for natural whole food sources as your first option. So basing meals around beef, poultry, fish, eggs, nuts and some dairy. If you are need more in your diet look at protein shakes as an option but dont forget these are only to supplement your diet and not being the main part of it.

How much do I need?
As a rough guide, a palm sized serving each time you eat should provide you with a decent amount.

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