Successfully changing your habits can greatly impact how quickly and easily you reach your goals.Today I'm going to share 3 simple eating habits that you can work on to help you lose fat and set yourself up for long term success rather than constantly trying the latest fad.

1. Eat Until Satisfied, Not Stuffed
This is a habit that can be a little hard to judge but can make a huge difference at helping to lose fat. Eating util about "70%" full should be your target, not until you can't breath anymore! This gives you a chance to listen to the hunger and fullness signals from your body and can help stop overeating.

2 Eat Slowly
When you eat fast you run the risk of overeating before you have a chance to recognise that full cues from your body. Simply chewing your food thoroughly and putting down your knife and fork can have a huge impact in helping this area. Take your time!!

3 Use a Smaller Plate 
Again another simple habit to do. Definitely seems to be an Irish thing where we hate to leave any food behind on our plates, so filling up a large dinner plate with alot of food tends to mean that we will finish every last bit even if we overstocked our plate initially. Simply get a smaller plate, this gives the impression of a nice big full plate , and have your dinner on this and you tend to have smaller portion sizes without the mental anguish of leaving food behind you.

Implement these 3 habits into your dinner routine and you will be surprised at the results that you will see. Small sustainable habit changes is the secret to success.