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Time management and preparation are 2 huge areas to sticking to healthy food choices. Takes a little bit of planning or work but heres a quick example. Only had an hour today between work and the school run so grabbed a quick shop and got home to quickly do food prep.
Got my ingredients for the salad which was baby leaf spinach, cherry tomatoes, bacon, left over rotisserie chicken (kids had some of it for lunch), 2 eggs, roasted red pepper and bit of cheese. While I fried up the bacon the eggs were boiling and i chopped all the other ingredients and threw them into a massive bowl. Made a double batch so I had a nice big feed today and already have tomorrows lunch waiting in the fridge.
As the rashers as eggs were cooling down I diced the chicken fillets and threw 7 of them, a tin of coconut milk, tin of water, tin of chopped tin tomatoes, a few diced spuds and half a jar of the curry paste into the slow cooker. That was left to cook away and ready for dinner tonight with a bit extra to have for a snack tomorrow or even as Fridays lunch.
So that was shopping, 2-3 lunches and a dinner for 2 adults and 3 kids all done within an hour. Even had 5mins for a cup of coffee, 2 squares of dark chocolate and to read a quick training article. A little bit of planning can go a long to helping me stick with better foods choices.