Sometimes it’s just interesting to see what program other people are using at the moment and their reasoning behind it. We all go through different phases and training cycles at different time and I always find it intriguing to see what program others are currently following. I’m just after recovering from that stupid cold (wasn’t the man flu!) that managed to hit absolutely everyone so it gave me the perfect chance to start a new program for myself. Between being mad busy with work, being lucky enough to run around after our kids and having a supportive wife who is currently pregnant, a hardcore training cycle was never going to be a realistic goal at the moment. And rather than pick a high intensity training program and end up disappointed and/or burnt out, I decided to take a bit more of a sustainable and enjoyable program that wasn’t going to make me a miserable fucker to be around! How your priorities change from worrying about trying to push your squat up that extra 5kg!

I have recently started reading more and more of Dan Johns’ stuff and I absolutely love his philosophy and approach to training and life. Think his books will be on my Christmas wish list this year, enough of trying to sift through all his free articles on T Nation! He focuses on the big natural human movements, basic mobility, simple nutrition and takes the complexity out of everything. Sometimes we enjoy getting too caught up in the fine details and John does a great job of putting everything into perspective. So I decided to start his “40 Day Program” and have done my first day and about to go in and hit day 2. It’s a nice simplistic (not to be confused with easy!) program where you pick a program based on the natural human movements and repeat the same workout for 40 days or sessions. The sessions shouldn’t be gruelling, no angry music, smelling salts or face slapping are required. Just come in, pick a weight that won’t kill you and adjust by how you feel on the day. Continue for 40 workouts and leave the gym each day with a smile on your face and not being carted out by a friend. In and out, no major fuss and not in the gym all day long. He suggests some mobility/warm up work, your 5 movements and just be happy with that.

So for the next 40 sessions here is my planned workout

Power snatch 30kg x 3, 40kg x 3, 50kg x 3 (my explosive movement)

Back squats 100kg x 10 (my squatting movement)

Deadlifts 120kg x 2 sets of 5 (posterior chain/hinge movement)

Narrow grip bench 80kg 2 sets of 5 (push movement)

Chin Ups 2 sets of 5 (pull movement)

As you can see these numbers aren’t by any means impressive and John recommends adjusting the weight by how you feel each day, these numbers feel heavy any day and simply adjust the weight. My warm up will be a bit of work for my hip flexor area, bear crawls, alligator crawls and some other fun natural movements like messing with handstand practice etc. Not a high intensity program but feels like it suits my life perfectly right now. Posting this gives me a little bit of accountability plus hopefully it will show people that your training doesn’t have to be 110% every single day all year round. Sometimes picking a program that you enjoy and can sustain at the time is more important than counting tempo or working eccentric reps. Staying consistent and enjoying training is just as important! Will do a follow up on Day 20 and Day 40 just to see how I’m motoring along. Looking forward to the new challenge!

Enjoy your workout!