The dust has started to settle and us UFC fans are starting to feel the shock of McGregor’s win beginning to subside. More so the shock of how quick a victory it was rather than the actual outcome left the whole MMA word spinning and sitting in disbelief early on Sunday morning. Love him or hate him Conor McGregor has to be admired for his skill, mindset and dedication to becoming the best. Having been a keen fan of the interviews both before and after the event it is McGregor’s mindset that intrigues me more than his physical abilities. And considering how impressive his movement and skill are, it says a lot for his mentality. I picked out a few lessons from his mental game that I thought can transfer to everyday training regardless if your goal is to be UFC champ or mastering your first full push up.


Belief and desire

Conor’s desire to win and the belief is his ability is second to none and this sets him apart from many other top level fighters. In your own life to you have the desire and belief in your own goals. What is your desire? To drop 10 pounds? Fit into a size 10 dress? Be able to run around with your kids? Conor had a crystal clear goal of where he wanted to be and what his desire was. You must first pick what your desire is and work towards this, having a clear desire in mind keeps you focused on those days when motivation is lacking. If your goal is a 5k in March and to have your family at the finish line for you this is a clear goal, this will motivate you on those cold wet evenings when it’s easier to stay on the couch.

Also your belief in yourself must be strong. If you can’t believe it yourself that you can lose weight, eat better or live a healthier lifestyle it will never come to fruition. Sometimes changing your internal talk can help and once you can believe you can achieve it that’s a massive step. Sounds pretty corny I know but if you can’t believe in yourself why should anyone else?


Winners focus on winning, losers focus on winners.

“Winners focus on winning while loser focus on winners”. Found this an interesting phrase Conor used in his post fight press conference. He explained it really well by saying that winners focus on what they can do and what’s in their control. While losers focus on others and waste energy thinking about what everyone else is doing. How does this transfer to our own life? Stop worrying about everyone else is doing food and nutrition wise or what’s the latest trend at the moment. Focus on your own stuff and what works for you and don’t be worrying what anyone else is at. Stop worrying about other people goals or what they say about what you should be doing, pick your goals and stick to them and never mind other people’s views. Focus on you.


13 seconds in the ring, a life time of work

13 seconds and it was all over. Conor was world champion and in the spotlight of the world. His meteoric shot to fame has impressed many. But Conor will tell you that years and years of hard work and dedication got him to that point. Long lonely nights in the gym, strict diets, hours or training and mindset got him to where he is. Far from an overnight sensation. And this is how your own journey should be. No quick fix fads and 3 minute ab workouts. It’s about staying consistent in the long run. Eating well, exercising, resting and sleeping well all on a consistent basis will get you to your goals. There is no quick fix, no short cuts.  Making the correct food choices majority or the time and making exercise part of your life is your journey. You don’t have to put in the same hours as Conor in the gym but staying dedicated and committed in the long term will help you rise to the top and hit the goals you have set for yourself. Enjoy the journey.