Christmas is here and it’s time to relax and enjoy yourself. We have all worked nice and hard with our training and now it’s time to chill and enjoy the time with friends and family. Part of the celebration is enjoying good food, good company and a few quiet drinks and all this should be done guilt free too. Life is all about balance and if you can’t enjoy the Christmas then when is the time to do so?

With so much hard work been put in the last few months not everyone wants to be back at square one come the New Year so here are a few practical tips to help you survive the Christmas holidays.


  1. Hydrate, Hydrate and Hydrate!

We will all enjoy a few drinks over the Christmas and that’s the reality of it. No point saying we won’t! Keeping plenty of fluids in you thou will help that hangover affect you less. Simply drink a few pints of water before you go to bed, or even better, a Dioralyte or two and the head shouldn’t be as bad the following morning. Rehydrating yourself like this will help by body to start flushing out those toxins and staying hydrated will make a big difference to your body recovering quicker.


  1. Sleep

Catching a few extra zzzzzzzzz’s is one of the best ways of helping your body recover from anything. With those late nights and few drinks catching up on your system, simply getting a few extra hours of sleep will help your body recover and get your hormones back to where they should be. Nothing will help your system like more sleep!


  1. Mind your mixers

Choosing a better option to mix your spirits with can be a handy way of avoiding excess sugar that your body doesn’t need. I’m a fan of a nice Jameson and Coke but staying away from the sugar laden versions of mixers will still let you enjoy your night out without that big sugar load.


  1. Protein

Keep your protein high to keep your blood sugar levels stable and to avoid excess cravings. We are all going to enjoy the extra bit of chocolate and desserts laying around this Christmas and that’s some of the fun of this time of year. But before you sit down and devour that full box of After Eights have yourself a bit of that leftover ham or turkey and get some protein into your body. Then after a few minutes go for your After Eights and you can enjoy them just as much but more than likely end up eating less of them to satisfy you. The protein will keep you satiated and can stop and excess binge on the chocolates.


  1. Enjoy it!

Don’t get too caught up about having the extra food or drink this Christmas. Go and enjoy it, spend the time with family and friends, have you sing songs and make some memories. In 20 years time you will remember those family memories and good times from Christmas 2015 and not the fact that you added a few extra pounds. Come back in January, put in the work and clean up the diet again but for now just enjoy it! Do it stress and guilt free too