One complaint I hear from time to time is that trying to eat Paleo/Healthy is too expensive. Straight off the bat I'm saying this isn't the case! Sure you can go for super organic kale and hand massaged Kobe beef and complain it isn't cheap or you can focus on all the one ingredient, natural foods you can find relatively cheap in our local shops.

As someone who loves to cook but has plenty of hungry mouths to feed at home I realise the wide variety of cost in cooking certain dinners. But being completely honest by really focusing on home-cooked meals with natural ingredients we really managed to bring down our shopping bills here at home. I'm not gonna lie, it took a little bit of planning, maybe 10 minutes between the 2 of us to plan our dinners for the week and list what we needed. The money saved in throwing out less waste and buying only what we needed was huge.

As well as this, eating takeaways isn't that cheap! Our local Indian (we love Indian food!) is one of those little treats we have every so often for ourselves. While it is without doubt handy and pretty tasty it isn't cheap. Not many main courses you get for less than a tenner.

Batch cooking is where we save time, money and effort. Cooking up a big pot of something, freezing it and taking it out as we need it makes life so much easier.

Just this weekend we cooked up a huge pot of chicken curry using only these ingredients

  • 10 chicken fillets
  • 2 tins of coconut milk
  • 2 tins of chopped tomato
  • jar of good quality curry paste
  • cup of water
  • bag of frozen veg



The cost of all this?                                   €18


For this we will get 2 dinners, each dinner serving 2 adults, 2 hungry growing kids and a toddler.

This averages out between €2-3 per portion! Not bad at all.

This doesn't have to be expensive.

Sure you can get into details of we used a curry paste and not freshly ground herbs (we used a brand with no additives or colouring) or mention that the tomatoes were from a tin and not freshly chopped.

Look I'm all for making Paleo practical! Did I hunt and butcher the meat myself? No, Did I cook a meal  with real, natural and whole ingredients where I know exactly what went into it? Yes!

Simply chopping the chicken, throwing everything into a pot and letting it cook slowly for 3 hours has left us with 2 dinners for the next fortnight at less than a tenner each. Plenty of protein, lots of veg and some good healthy fats. Sounds pretty Paleo to me!