Just over six weeks ago we were blessed to have another healthy and happy baby come into our family. Little Grace, who's name we thought was fitting considering the year that's in it (after one of our favourite Irish songs) came along at a healthy 8lb 4oz.

The poor little thing developed silent reflux and it was heartbreaking watching her in constant pain. Testing as it is on your own patience your heart breaks to see them in that much pain. So we set about how to help her the Paleo way! After lots and lots of research we decided to give the natural approach as good a shot as possible.

We tried to tackle it from a few different avenues and hoping if we threw enough things at the wall something would stick. Perhaps a step by step approach of elimination and introduction would have proven more insightful but all we wanted to do was help relieve her pain and this wasn't a time to experiment.

We tried to help both mum and baby's' gut as well as we could. Natasha started on Udos Choice Super 8 for herself while we introduced Udos Infant Probiotic to Grace to help along her gut.

Natasha also had to go a little bit more strict with Paleo and eliminate dairy and gluten completely ( I know gluten isn't paleo anyway and it shouldn't be there but are you gonna pull a new mother up on it!? If so you're braver than me!) to stop these passing through the breast-milk.

On top of this we started bringing Grace to baby acupuncture. We were recommended a great acupuncturist and she has attended her for 6 sessions with the option of going back in a fortnight if needs be.

And when we felt it was really needed we used Infacol with her to try and give her instant relief if she was suffering really bad. We didn't make medication our main tool but look at the end of the day if something like that is used in conjuction with other approaches i think its a decent philosophy to help with pain relief.

And without wanting to jinx ourselves I think we are starting to see some progress. The last few days we have really started to see our normal happy baby back! She is full of smiles, beginning to chat to us and just looks a lot happier in herself with a lot less pain.

Can't honestly say was it a single element or a combination of all the above but something is working and we couldn't be happier.

I'm not writing this to replace any doctors advice or to tell anyone how to approach their children, just wanted to share whats working for us so far. Really delighted we have found a natural approach that is working for us and nice to see light at the end of a dark tunnel!