I have a confession, pizza is my downfall! Its my kryptonite! You can dangle chocolate, cakes or biscuits in-front of me and I wont stir. Give me a whiff of a fresh pizza and I'll break before you have time to place it on the table!

Unfortunately pizza doesn't sit too favourably on the list of ideal foods while living Paleo. However I will admit that i will still indulge in one the odd time. Its not the corner stone of my diet but when I get one my "No Sharing" rule really kick in!

So trying to find a nice alternative to have I came across this recipe. It uses aubergines, passata, bit of cheese and whatever toppings you like.

For the one above I used some left over marinated chicken, red onion and cheese. Nice and simple but full of flavour.


  • Slice the aubergines reasonably thin, place on parchment and put into the oven at 180 until they have browned a little and are not soggy
  • Prep cheese and whatever toppings you like
  • take out the pizza "bases" and add a little passata sauce, add your toppings and finish off with a little cheese
  • Return to the oven at 150 for 10 or so minutes until the cheese is nicely melted
  • Serve and enjoy!

So there is my nice simple "Paleo" pizza for anytime I'm craving one. Makes a nice mid-week snack. Is it as good as a dough bros pizza? No. Does it kill the cravings for one? Yes. That's a simple win in my book. Making this enjoyable and sustainable.

Let me know if you try these 🙂