So we all know the benefits of getting more fish into our diets. I have to admit I am probably the worst in our house for fish, I seem to be the big kid who needs coaxing with eating more of it!

So I am definitely putting in the effort to get more fish into us all here at home and here is a nice simple recipe that we made last week.


Homemade fish fingers!

All you need is:

Fresh Cod

Almond Flour (used ground almonds from Aldi)

Salt and Pepper ( to season the crumbs)

2-3 eggs

Cut your cod into whatever size chunks you want (left our a little bit bigger to prevent drying out)

Whisk the eggs in one bowl and pour the almond flour in another and season it with a little salt and pepper.

Dip a piece cod into the eggs first and then drop into the almond flour and fully coat the fish.

Repeat with all the fish and lay evenly onto a tray.

Cook at 180 for about 25mins.

Serve and enjoy!