protein foods





Only very recently I had one of those amazing “aha moments” that really opened up my eyes.

Sitting down talking to a very bright woman we were discussing her nutrition.

“So, what’s your protein intake like?” I asked, ready to dig deeper into her answer

“Eh, what’s protein?”

And that’s when it hit me.

We went through her diet and I gave examples of protein and she was quickly able to respond to my first question but in my own mind I was sitting there thinking “Adam you dope!”

It hit me that being in the fitness industry and always having had training as part of my life I just took all these terms for granted.

Protein intake, macro ratios, sets and reps, RDLs, BCAAs and isometrics. All these terms we throw around and then nerd out about the details.

Being honest, the majority of us just want to be healthy, feel better and look good naked!

And nothing wrong with that!

Just keep it simple and focus on the basics.

And your protein is one of those basics we need to focus on.

The majority of us don’t get in anywhere near enough protein into our diets.


So what’s our best source of protein? Eggs, chicken, red meat, turkey, fish, Greek yogurt, whey protein shake are a few examples.


Why should we be getting protein into our diets?

  • It helps build muscle tissue and helps recovery
  • Help make hormones in your body
  • Speeds up your metabolism and can help burn more fat
  • Keeps you fuller for longer and helps balance your blood sugar levels to help with cravings


So how much do we need?

For a long time protein requirements that were given were quite low but these numbers are starting to be adjusted to help people thrive rather than just survive.

1g per pound of body weight, or just under, seems to be a pretty good number to hit.

So if you weigh around 140lbs (10 stone) you are looking to hit in or around 140 g of protein throughout the day. Break this into 5 meals (between main meals and snacks) and you are looking to hit in or around 25g at each meal.


Well great, what the hell does 25g look like!?

3-4 large eggs

A protein shake

A palm sized amount of most meats is a nice rough guide (no need to break out the scales each time) obviously peoples hands are different sizes so its a rough guide! Want to be more precise? Feel free to weigh it!

Half a 500g tub of Greek yogurt

50g of Almonds will give you about 10g of protein


Now all of this is a nice easy guide to go by. If you want to weigh, measure and count every gram by all means do. I sure as hell don’t have the time or patience! Just trying to keep it practical!

Get some protein into you with each meal and you can’t go too far wrong with that as a first step!