Sunday afternoon and I'm all excited to try out my latest recipe. Oven is pre heating, music playing in the background and I'm enjoying my Sunday routine of cooking for the week or trying out something new. Kids busy swinging out of my arms as I try to chop the plantains, sure it wouldn't be a Sunday otherwise!

Time and time again I have seen recipes for plantain chips and when I came across them in the Asian shop in Galway I have to admit I was a little excited to make them!

If its cool enough for the Yanks to go mad for them I definitely want in on this.

So you can imagine my heartache when I burnt the whole feckin batch!

The kids though it best to leave the room as Daddy needed to cool off quicker than the freshly burnt plantains! ( That's a joke by the way incase anyone thinks they need to inform Social Services, I practice mindfulness so I gave thanks for having an oven!)

My low GI, high fibre snack was gone up in smoke, literally.

Looks like I'll be trying this recipe out again next week so. Here's hoping they don't look this awful!