It was great to get as much positive feedback as I did on my last post about the 5 steps to improve your mental health. Delighted to see so many people get in touch about the different areas of the post that they now want to change in their lives 🙂

So just a quick post today about the meditation step.

A few people were asking about it and the different ways to do it.

A simple 10 minutes like a day every morning can really change your whole day.

So to make it as simple as possible to implement into your life I have included 3 links to help you jump straight into a session.

Link 1 is a good Youtube link I used this morning

The next 2 are for the Take  A Break app which you just download onto your phone, a great free app

Link 2 iPhone users!-guided-

Link 3 Android users

Click on whatever one of these you want, set aside 10 minutes for yourself and help put yourself in the right mindset.

Make this part of your daily routine and you will definitely notice a change

Lets me know which one you went with!