connSo the high of the weekend may be starting to descend a bit now. I think I might only be on cloud 8 today! Having been lucky enough to pull on the provincial jersey at underage and having followed Connacht rugby long before that, this weekend meant an awful lot.

Standing in Murrayfield with 5 minutes to go I listened to the “Fields of Athenry” and appreciated what a special day it was and how far this province has come. The team has managed to capture the hearts and minds of the west and anyone outside of D4 seemed to have adopted green for the weekend.  Even international media jumped on the story, sure who doesn’t enjoy a fairytale ending like this!

I have to admit I got caught up in the passion and emotion of the weekend. Looking through with green tinted glasses its only today that I can sit back and appreciate some of the lessons we can learn from Connacht’s amazing journey. Sitting here with my morning coffee I picked out 3 lessons we learned and can apply ourselves from this historic weekend


  1. Belief

One thing that Connacht can’t be questioned on this year is their belief. Belief in themselves, their systems and each other. This inner belief carried them through many a nail biter this season and this belief on final day is what sent Leinster home empty handed. Truly believing is one of the first crucial steps to succeeding

Where can we apply this? Well do you truly believe you can achieve your goal? If losing weight is a goal of yours and you don’t genuinely believe you can do it, how likely are you to succeed? If a 60kg deadlift is your goal and you don’t think you will ever be strong enough to lift it, you probably won’t be.

As Napoleon hill said “What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

Let’s change any negative internal dialogue, stop our limiting beliefs and go after our goals!


  1. Make a plan and stick to it.

Connacht had a game plan and they stuck to it. From early in the season you could see they had a style of play they wanted to implement and week in week out they stuck to it. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t. Did a simple blip on the radar cause Pat Lam to throw the plan out the window and start over again? Definitely not! At times this year Connacht were criticized for throwing the ball around too much and not kicking enough. Two games in particular this year Connacht were cost a victory by running the ball when most said they shouldn’t. But this was Connacht’s plan and they stuck to it. A few bumps along the way didn’t undo the plan and at the end of May they were lifting the trophy overhead silencing the critics.


So, when it comes to weight loss or achieving a goal, make a plan and stick to it. Don’t let little issues throw you off course completely. Get back on track.

Looking to improve your diet? Create a plan and stick to it. Maybe write out all your meals for the week ahead of time and stick to them.

Wanting to exercise more? Create a plan and stick to it. Decide what days and times you are going to go to the gym or head for a walk.

Want to set a new PR? Create a plan and stick to it. Get help creating a training program and come in day after day and put in the work.

Having a plan will keep you focused on days when motivation is low or temptations are calling.

3.Enjoy it.

It’s been a pleasure watching Connacht play the rugby they enjoy. Throwing the ball wide and hitting the line at speed or playing hard in defence. Connacht have played the type of rugby that we love to watch and is enjoyable to play. This keeps motivation high and builds winning habits

For ourselves, training and exercise should be fun too. Nobody enjoys the long boring walks on the treadmill. So why would we do it? If exercise becomes a chore or a stress it’s only a matter of time until you hate doing it and give up.

Pick something you enjoy, be it circuits, zumba, hiking, badminton or tag rugby and enjoy your exercise. 10 years of consistent training that you enjoy at a lower intensity will give you much more benefit long term than a 6 week Navy seal type program you do once.

Enjoy exercise, have fun, stick to the plan and believe!