Stop trying to be perfect.

Strive to improve, to always be better. But stop focusing on being perfect.

None of us ever will be.

The goal of perfection will lead to more pain than enjoying the journey of improvement.

Even if we do manage perfection in one area of our life, one area where we devote our absolute dedication, commitment and effort, is it worth it?

So your diet is 100% perfect, how’s your relationship with your kids? All that counting, measuring and obsessing over the perfect diet may have left another area neglected.

And your marriage is 100% perfect but how is your health? Will you be healthy enough to even enjoy these relationships?

See life is all about balance. We have numerous balls in the air at once and if we focus too much on one the others may hit the ground.

Often we realise that 100% focus and dedication to perfect one specific area just isn’t possible, so instead of 100% perfect we just settle for 50% or sometimes even less.

I often come across this issue when chatting to people about nutrition.

People are intelligent and deep down we all know what foods are good and what is pretty crap for us.

Sure there are those grey area foods that will cause debate but the majority of us know what’s not ideal to be putting into our bodies.

Sometimes the issue is somebody thinks if they can’t be 100% perfect there is no point even starting.

Or when we have a meal that’s not perfect we scrap the whole plan and throw it out the window.

The pressure to be perfect leads us to not act at all.

That’s why I really focus on “Practical Paleo” here.

I genuinely believe 100% Paleo is probably the best way to eat but being honest its probably unattainable for nearly all of us.

Unless you sell the house, abandon your friends and head for the hills I think it’s near impossible really.

Parties, dinners out, birthdays and the day to day rush of our lives would make 100% “perfection” more stress than it’s worth.

That’s why with practical Paleo I use the 90:10 or even 80:20 rule.

If you are eating clean, natural, healthy an unprocessed foods 90% of the time I think this is perfect.

Your perfect imperfection.

This 10% gives you the bit of leeway to enjoy something different at the weekend, have a dinner out with family or friends or head to a wedding and enjoy the few sandwiches that come out and not be worrying that you will combust!

Should you be having bread everyday? I think not. Will having a few triangle sandwiches at the afters banish you to Paleo hell? I think not.

This 10% gives you the freedom to be perfect.

Only recently it was Fathers Day and the kids made me pancakes. Nice fluffy pancakes with bacon mmmmm. I’m not gonna turn around a be a dick and say” sorry those aren’t paleo pancakes I’m afraid Daddy can’t eat them but nice effort”

I ate them, enjoyed every bite and savoured the moment of a nice family breakfast.

Now I don’t know when ill have pancakes again and they aren’t a weekly staple in our house but this 90:10 rule gives the freedom to enjoy occasions like this.

And do it guilt free.

For some people 80:20 will be good for them. For others just improving to 50:50 will be an achievement. Working towards the 90:10 will be their destination but the journey is theirs. Seeing what’s suitable for their life, what foods they enjoy, where their 10% fits in best.

So how close are you to imperfect perfection?

Where can you make a little improvement this week to bring you closer to 90:10?