Sometimes the best things in life really are free.

I’ve watched people spend huge amounts of money on fat burners, gimmicky supplements or the new wonderful detox.

Sadly they only thing these burn is a hole in your pocket.

Clever marketing and our desire for a quick fix has lead some companies to huge fortunes and us to feeling like we have failed again and need the next new shiny object.

However there are a few simple things that don’t cost you a penny but will offer you much more benefit than the newest latest fad.


Number 1

Sleep more.

Yep, it won’t cost you a thing and it will help you get leaner.

Need to drop a bit of body fat around the midsection? Get some more sleep.

Need help fighting your sugar cravings? Get more sleep

Keep snacking on sugary treats for energy and seeing your waistline grow? Get more sleep!

Sleep will help your body balance your hormones and prevent your blood sugar levels being all over the place the follow day.

Unlike cooking and exercise, sleep is no effort at all!

Aim for 8 hours sleep.

Need help with getting quality sleep? Just click here for my article on sleep


Number 2

Drink more water!

Life is impossible without this.

And putting the debate on water charges aside, water is relatively free. We’re not getting into politics here!

More water will aid your digestion and help things move along (less bloating)

It will help stop water retention too. Sounds contradictory I know but the less water you drink the more your body will hold on to due to it not knowing when it’s getting more. Keep yourself well hydrated and avoid water retention.

Plus drinking more water will keep you from feeling tired and sluggish and as a result you will be more inclined to exercise and eat better too. From here you will improve your quality of sleep and the next step then is onto saving the world! You have gone from tired and sluggish to international superhero in a few short steps thanks to this!

All this from drinking more water.

Just be sure to give water a mention in your speech when the president of the world awards you the medal of honour for saving the planet and I’ll be happy.

You’re welcome!


Number 3

Get walking.

Besides buying a pair of shoes (which I’m guessing you might have a pair anyway, unless you are REALLY Paleo and don’t wear shoes) walking is also free.

Intimidated to start in a gym or confused what’s the best training program to start on?

Sometimes we get analysis paralysis. So many great programs or methods to choose from we just get over whelmed.

Should we pick HIIT or tabata or slow steady state cardio or sprinting or bodyweight or powerlifting or ……..

Maybe just grab your shoes and go for a walk, make this your first step. Don’t over think it. As Nike said “Just do it”

Stick in your earphones or grab the dog and just go for a walk.

It’s free, it’s easy and is a great first step in shifting some weight.


Put these 3 simple steps in place and start your health journey at no extra cost