It’s a Friday evening and you finally get in the door.

You’re tired and stressed from a long week and now it’s time to switch off and forget it all.

You’re starved and borderline “hangry” at this point. Even the dog keeps his distance!

You’re in the mood for a nice curry and you know the Indian is just a simple phone call away.

Even worse though, the thoughts of curry has lead you to think about Supermacs curry chips! You can almost taste them and sure feck it while you are that far you might as well grab a burger too.

It’s all too easy to justify on a Friday evening.

Then you remember how well you have eaten all week. You have stuck pretty well to your 90-10 rule.

That slice of birthday cake in work on Tuesday didn’t throw you off course and you’re dead proud of it.

You’re enjoying your protein salads for lunch and home cooked dinners are just standard at this stage.

Now you start to doubt that call to the Indian restaurant.

Should you really undo this week’s work?

The grumble in your stomach starts to put you under pressure to decide, quick! This is life and death, hurry up for god’s sake.

But you have identified that a Friday evening “treat” leads you to slip off track all weekend and undo all your good work.

Eating good Monday to Friday and then losing the plot at the weekend all thanks to that Friday treat.

Tomorrow night is your dinner out with friends where you know you can be a little bit more indulgent.

Saturday night’s dinner is part of your 10% and you know you will enjoy it.

That tasty steak and chips (with a little slice of brownie) is satisfying enough for you without making it into a weekend gorge.

Wisely, you decide to cook at home tonight.

Good call!


We’ve all been here before. I know I definitely have!

As I always say this shouldn’t be a struggle. The journey should be enjoyable and sustainable.

If it’s a Friday night and you want a curry, just have it.

Make a nice simple home cooked curry, a little bit of rice (we don’t need to serve rice with a ladle) and even a good glass of wine to top it all off.

Savour the smells and flavours of a good curry and wine.

Sit down to enjoy Netflix and know you have stayed on track for the week, broke your habit cycle of Fridays overindulgence and all the while enjoying your food and not feeling deprived.

This will lead to long term success.

I put together a quick video of a tasty chicken curry recipe that can be whipped up in a few minutes.

All the ingredients are simple ones that are probably in your press already and for the amount of time it takes the wine to chill your curry will be cooked!

Here’s the link to the video and hope you enjoy it 🙂