Dinner for €2.50!


Eating real and healthy food doesn’t have to be expensive. Like many families we try and keep that happy balance of good wholesome food mixed with the most cost effective way of doing this.  

Our secret to this?

Batch cooking!

On Saturday we sat down and planned our dinners for the coming week. We picked nice tasty dinners that everyone will enjoy and on Sunday I popped down to Joyce’s to pick up all our ingredients that we had put on our list.

Here is our plan for the week

Sunday                 Roast Chicken and Veg

Monday               Honey Baked Ham and Veg

Tuesday               Chicken Curry and Rice

Wednesday        Omelette with left over ham and homemade chips

Thursday             Chilli Con Carne and Rice

Friday                    Red Wine Stew


All yummy home cooked dinners packed with protein, vegetables and fresh flavours.

Natasha and I poured ourselves a glass of wine (or two) stuck on some music in the kitchen, had the kids warmly in front of the fire watching a movie and we spent the next hour happily chopping, cooking and stirring in a nice relaxed manner.

The food cooked away and now we have all our dinners for the week done and dusted.

The cost of the full shop was 67 euro.

We will pick up about another 10 euros worth of green veg for the dinner from the fruit and veg shop so all in our dinners worked out at 77 euro.

The good news is that this provided 30 portions in total, yes we have a lot of mouths to feed!

Even bits of leftovers for an extra few lunches will be laying around which is always great.

30 meals for 77 euro works out at 2.50 per meal!

Nothing wrong with that!

What take-away or pre made dinner from the shops will give you the same goodness and flavours as this for the same price?

So a little bit of planning, shopping to a list and some time in the kitchen can save money and effort while still feeding the family some good home cooked food.

Eating healthy doesn’t have to cost a fortune!

A big part of our Semi-private programme will be a focus on nutrition. If you need more accountability with food planning amd tracking the programme might be right for you. Check it out here