I want you to do me a favour.

Close your eyes and imagine someone close to you.

It could be your sister, best friend or daughter. Someone special who means a lot to you.

Now start telling them they aren’t good enough.

Tell them you hate their body.

Tell them how unattractive they are.

Tell them how awful they look in those clothes. How they aren’t smart enough, can’t improve themselves and that they won’t succeed at their goals.

Tell them how awful they are for eating that food.

Now picture their face and how hard these words would hit them. Imagine the damage to their self-confidence, their belief in themselves and how they would now hold themselves.

Now continue to tell them this on a pretty regular basis and imagine their self-belief from this.

I bet this nearly hurts to imagine doing this to a loved one. How could someone ever achieve anything with this attitude?

So why do you do it to yourself?

Take all these same statements from above and I bet you have at some point, if not regularly, spoken to yourself in this manner.

Why is it so inconceivable to dream of speaking to someone else like this yet this can be the self-talk of so many of us on a regular basis.

This internal dialogue may not hit as hard initially as if it came from someone else but negative self-talk like this can leave us with similar outcomes.

You wouldn’t dream of letting anyone speak to a loved one like this so why is it acceptable to speak to yourself like this?
Why should this negative dialogue be the conversation that dominates your thoughts and consequently who you believe you are.

We all find fault with ourselves, it’s part of human nature.

The desire of self-improvement has driven us to where we are as a species today and failure is part of this process. We all strive to improve in some aspects of our lives yet this shouldn’t take a negative tone.

We need to watch our internal dialogue a lot closer and frame our thoughts in a more positive manner.

Don’t speak to yourself in a manner that you wouldn’t do to a loved one.

We can shape who we become from our thoughts so be careful what you say to yourself.


“Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions, they become habits. Watch your habits, they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.”



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