What’s the one small change you could make to your nutrition today?

I’m not talking about some massive overhaul of your diet.

Not picking the latest fad or gimmicky diet and following that to an extreme for 6 weeks.

Not waiting until next Monday to start fresh again.

What’s the smallest change you can make today without causing stress or hassle to you day.

Can you simply add more vegetables to your dinner?

Can you have a glass of water at each meal?

Could you not order that side portion of chips at lunch?

Excuse the pun but changing your eating habits is best done in a bite sized approach

Making little changes from day to day, or meal to meal, can lead to big progress in the long run.

When picking up the shopping today why not buy some extra fruit instead of those Pringles on offer? You know they aren’t going to stay there in the press just in case visitors call!

Maybe try some fresh cod instead of your frozen and breaded option.

Could you eat a small breakfast tomorrow morning for the first time in years and save yourself stopping off at the filling station for that croissant and coffee?

Could you make the switch from a baguette and crisps to a tuna and salad wrap?

Don’t get caught up in information overload. The problem of paralysis by analysis has stopped many from making positive changes to their diet just because they didn’t know which the best diet to follow was.

Focus on one meal today, make it better.

Repeat this tomorrow, the next day and the next and pretty soon these small changes will all add up to success.

One small step.

So where are you going to start?

If you still feel overwhelmed and feel you need more support and accountability when it comes to nutrition maybe you could be the right fit for our semi- private group.

Have a look at our website here https://unlimitedfitness.ie/transformation/  for more information about how we might be the right match.

We don’t do quick fix or gimmicky approaches here so we won’t be the right for everyone, but if you are ready to make positive changes to your life than maybe we can work together

Body and Mind Transformation

Our gym is based here in Oranmore so is centrally located and easy to access.