Basically protein is the building blocks of life.

Protein is used in many ways in the body, from enzyme and hormonal production to repairing body cells and muscle growth

However the majority of people are concerned with how protein can help them get lean.

Yes eating MORE protein will get you lean and lead to a more toned look.

More protein will not make you look bulky.

➡️ Benefits of protein:
– Keep you full for longer
– Stabilize blood sugar levels, this helps fight cravings
– Helps tone up
– Burns more calories

➡️ So what are good sources of protein?
– Chicken
– Pork
– Beef
– Fish
– Eggs
– Cottage Cheese
– Greek Yogurt
– Protein Shake
– Cheese

➡️ So how much do I need?

Well the RDA level is .36g per pound of bodyweight – this is the minimum level to prevent a deficiency, not exactly optimal!

For those who are active, training and trying to help with body composition 1g per pound of bodyweight is recommended.

➡️ So let’s make this a little more real world.

Take a 10 stone/140 lb person and we’ll figure their protein levels.

The bare minimum daily requirement (prevent deficiency) for a sedentary life would be 50g a day.
Remember 50g is not optimal, it’s the minimum

A more optimal level for an active person, who trains well, would be 140g a day.

So our spectrum ranges from 50g (very low) to 140g (higher end)

Realistically we should be aiming to hit between 100g and 140g daily to help with getting lean and recovery from exercise.

Break this down to 4 meals a day, 3 meals and 1 snack, and you are hoping to hit 25 grams or so each time

➡️ So what does 25 gram or so of protein look like?

Here’s a rough guide

1 whey protein shake
3-4 large eggs
1 medium chicken breast 
120g (roughly quarter pound) of mince meat 
Average salmon fillet
300g of Aldi’s Greek Yogurt
1 cup of cottage cheese
120g of sliced turkey breast
2 smallish pork chops

Now these are just rough guidelines of how to incorporate more protein into your diet.

➡️An average and simple day could consist of

– 3 scrambled eggs for breakfast and a green smoothie

– Big colourful salad with a chicken beast for lunch

– Protein shake and handful of nuts as 3pm snack

– 2 pork chops, loads of veg and small scoop of mash potato for dinner.

Now that simple plan brings in close to 100g of protein in the day, plenty of vegetables, nice amount of fats and reasonable low carb.

Use this simple guide to work more protein in your diet and reap the benefits!