So it’s Monday morning and I’m back on track

I had a good friend’s wedding at the weekend and I’m blaming his emotional speech for my alcohol consumption and my comfort eating of cocktail sausages later that night!

So it was our first night out in quite a long time child free and there was quite a bit of whiskey enjoyed to mark to occasion. The mandatory visit to Supermacs after the reception also occurred, and this despite my feast of goujons and sausages not long beforehand. Gotta get me protein!

And then yesterday wasn’t exactly perfect reading material for any food journal either! Ben and Jerry’s did see a significant increase in their profits thanks to me alone.

However it’s done and dusted, the day is parked and I’m back on track.

Most importantly it’s all done guilt free, as I believe these occasions should be.

When I knew we had a wedding on this weekend I intentionally put an extra focus on last week to be really good. My meals were a little bit cleaner than normal, I trained hard, kept my protein high and was sensible all week.

I got up on Saturday had a good clean breakfast, trained on Saturday morning and had a nice feed of scrambled eggs before sticking on the suit and heading out the door. My water intake had being nice and high because I knew there might be a pint or 2 enjoyed.

The start of yesterday wasn’t exactly Paleo and I did require an extra coffee too. By the way McDonalds actually do a really good coffee. So if you saw me in the drive thru that’s all I was getting I promise!

Then last night instead of really taking the mick we decided to make a “fake-away”. It was a nice homemade Kung Pao chicken dish with steamed basmati rice. Now it was a little bit high in sugar and 1 or 2 ingredients weren't exactly paleo but it was significantly better than anything we could have ordered that would be packed with MSGs and laced with sugar. Our meal was still high in quality protein and wasn’t processed.

So this morning was started off with my protein shake, a greens juice and yesterday’s consumption of lots of water has me feeling pretty good today. We made the conscious effort of getting extra sleep last night too. Today’s lunch of chicken salad is waiting there for me and a good dinner tonight loaded up with vegetables and protein and the day will have been 100%. I’ll do my workout later and finish the day on a good note.

Too often an occasion like this can really throw us off track. It would be easy to have had a mediocre week,  a habitual treat on Friday night while watching TV, go mad on Saturday, comfort eat ALL day Sunday and lay on the couch, get up this morning unprepared and have a crap breakfast followed by a lazy dinner and lunch. Coffee would have being used as a crutch more than just a drink to enjoy. More than likely it would have been tomorrow or possibly Wednesday before really getting back on track. It could have easily being a 4 day thing.

I’m all about having balance and a happy medium in your life. That’s one of my main goals. However an indulgent weekend like this can’t be balanced out by an average or a mediocre week before and after. Putting in a little bit extra work before and after means I have enjoyed every sip and every naughty mouthful completely guilt free. I had a great wedding, a great weekend overall, and not a shred of guilt is with me today.

We all hear about balance balance balance.  How we need to find balance in our lives and how you have to have things in moderation. So if we want to go all out on a weekend like this it does mean putting in some extra work to balance that out. That balance isn’t going to occur with us actually putting in a little bit of extra work.

But the result can be an indulgent weekend with great people, completely guilt free. Sounds like balance to me.