5 Tips To Get You Back On Track After The Summer

So, we all tend to slip off track when it comes to the summer months. Between ice-creams on the odd sunny day, weddings, family get-togethers and holidays, it becomes a little too easy to over indulge. Or just not stay as dedicated as we usually are.

Even this last month for myself hasn’t been as good as I should be. So, with tomorrow being the start of a new month, it’s time to kick my ass into gear again.

These are my 5 tips to help you get back on track after summer.

#1 Focus on one area at a time.

Picking too many areas to try and change in our lives can be very daunting. Trying to change nutrition, start working out again, getting into good routines and fixing your sleep all at once is too big of a mountain to climb. Pick one area for a week or two and give that all your energy and focus before tackling the next change you’d like to make.

#2 Start Small

Set small little goals you can achieve. Don’t view your nutrition or exercise as one massive area to address. This is a common mistake. This could be simply going for a 10 minute walk at the start. It could mean getting a good breakfast. It might just involve having an extra pint of water in the day. Start small and stack up your wins!

#3 Make it enjoyable.

Whether it’s your nutrition or exercise you should seek to make it enjoyable. When we enjoy something it becomes more sustainable, which leads to success. Your food doesn’t need to be boring or bland. Your exercise doesn’t need to leave you at deaths door! Sure, make it challenging but also enjoyable. Find a form of exercise you like and Google a few tasty meals and make the process fun.

#4 Be Accountable.

Being accountable and having to answer to someone can give you the lift on days you need it. Knowing that someone is waiting for you or relying on you can spur you on when all you want to do is sit on the couch. Find a walking buddy, a training partner, a coach that holds you accountable or a training group that are similar to you. You don’t need to do this alone!

#5 Just Start.

Imperfect action beats a perfect plan. Just start! Just get going, get some momentum and start to improve as you go on. Instead of spending weeks researching the absolute perfect training programme and still not doing anything. Just take action. Start walking, do push-ups, do your basics like squats and dead lifts and sprint. Just move. You can always improve or find a coach but for now just start something.

Getting in debates whether to go low carb or high fats, paleo or Atkins or a detox while still eating a full pizza and tub of Ben & Jerry’s. Just start improving the quality of what goes in your mouth. Eat some quality meat and fresh veg. Don’t get into some form of paralysis by analysis. Stop seeking perfection and just get started.