1) Start Small. 
Simply aim for 7 minutes initially. This can increase over time if you wish.

2) Schedule it. 
Sometimes it can fall down your list of priorities when life gets busy. Schedule a time to do your meditation and STICK to it!

3) Use an app.
I've always found guided meditation easier than silence. Apps such as "Take a Break" or " Headspace" are great options here.

4) Don't over complicate it. 
You can take a few minutes to meditate anywhere with very little fuss. You don't need to light candles, roll out a mat or light incense. Keep it simple!

5) Stick with it.
Again consistency is the key here. Meditation isn't something that will work miracles in one day. Keep it consistent to help improve your life. And it will!

Here in our Galway gym/ Oranmore gym we encourage al our members to put this into practise. You'll be amazed at the changes such weightloss, patience, focus, improved training and workouts you will see as a result.