So I found this really interesting scientific article on the amazing benefits of meditation.

Here in our Galway gym, it's not just fitness classes we run. We approach health, based on improving 4 areas known as the 4 Pillars covering Nutrition, Sleep, Exercise and Stress.

Our mental state is just as important as our physical state but more often it gets looked over when people make the decision to "get healthy" and as a result will never reach their full best possible health. It's easy to focus solely on weightloss and fat loss and the numbers on the scales. Trust me if you took the time to improve your mental health also, it becomes an entirely new concept for overall health.

 Here are 20 scientifically-validated reasons you might want to get on the bandwagon today:

It Boosts Your HEALTH

1 – Increases immune function 

2 – Decreases Pain 

3 – Decreases Inflammation at the Cellular Level

It Boosts Your HAPPINESS

4 – Increases Positive Emotion 

5 – Decreases Depression 

6 – Decreases Anxiety 

7 – Decreases Stress 

8 – Increases social connection & emotional intelligence

9 – Makes you more compassionate

10 – Makes you feel less lonely

It Boosts Your Self-Control

11 – Improves your ability to regulate your emotions (Ever flown off the handle or not been able to quiet your mind? Here's the key)

12 – Improves your ability to introspect

It Changes Your BRAIN (for the better)

13 – Increases grey matter

14 – Increases volume in areas related to emotion regulation, positive emotions & self-control

15 – Increases cortical thickness in areas related to paying attention

 It Improves Your productivity (yup, by doing nothing)

16 – Increases your focus & attention

17 – Improves your ability to multitask

18 – Improves your memory

19 – Improves your ability to be creative & think outside the box

20. It Makes You WISE(R)