***** 3 Tip Tuesday *****


Standing there gazing aimlessly into the press, my hunger was quietly escalating to “Hangry”. As Christy Moore once said “my belly thought my throat was cut”. Trying to decide what to cook for dinner in this state is never a good idea and the kids trying to tie my laces together wasn’t exactly helping!


After what felt like an eternity, I quickly scanned the spices, coconut milk, tinned chopped tomatoes and remembered the chicken fillets in the fridge. Chicken Curry it was! Daddy’s sanity was saved and so was the cost and health from a crappy take away.


That was when we decided that meal planning for the week was my new goal in life.


Here are 3 tips to help you do the same:


  1. Batch Cook on a Sunday and freeze the meals. This way you always have a back- up option.
  2. Decide a “theme” for each night to simplify options. Monday could be curry night, Tuesday steak night, Wednesday stir fry night etc…. and add variety to each theme by changing meals/sauces. For example: pork stir fry one Wednesday followed by chicken stir fry the following Wednesday.
  3. Double up! Cook twice the amount of food needed or that evening and use the extra portions for tomorrow night’s dinner. Saves time and effort.