If you are looking for a really nice trek with the kids, I highly recommend Knockma Hill just outside of Tuam.

Sunday morning we packed the cars with kids and picnics and headed off for the day.

We had a beautiful blue sky overhead, sun breaking through the trees and an abundance of fairy doors keeping the kids enthusiastically running from tree to tree.

4 hours later we arrive back at the car park with cut knees, dirty hands and happy faces.

That night with the kids in that beautiful exhausted coma, I sat there with an ice cold cider in one hand and BBQ leftovers in the other. I started to think over my day and some lessons that came to me.

  1. Kids love nature. Very little brings that laugh and smile to children’s faces as climbing trees, throwing sticks and sliding down hills can. Plus watching Daddy think he is still Tarzan was enough entertainment for a week!
  2. Kids love to talk. With no distractions for the parents and technology left behind for the day, I almost forgot how much kids can talk! With no mention of Peppa Pig, vines or Pinterest, you’d be surprised with the things kids remember and talk about.
  3. Kids have ridiculous energy! 4 ours of climbing, jumping and walking I expected a vhilled out evening at home with some peace and quiet to enjoy the BBQ. The moments between flipping burgers and turning skewers were spent chasing the girls on the trampoline in an effort to tire them out! Kids really do keep you young.