Just Show Up

I wearily place another bumper plate onto the barbell and in my mind run through a catalogue of excuses not to go ahead with this workout.

The four hours of sleep sounds like a good one. Maybe that my back is a little sore after one of the kids slept the night with their knees implanted into my spine. Surely the fact that I’ve no lunch prepped and I’ll waste away from this morning’s workout without it, is a valid enough reason to skip this one workout. The really bright sun shining in through the gym window could blind me, causing me to fall over and be crushed under my squat. Obviously I cannot workout in these conditions!

I catch what I’m doing, put on my big boy pants and just get on with my workout. An epic workout by no means. Possibly a 6 out of 10. Not as good as an 8 but definitely better than a 4 and miles better than just sitting on my arse.

Just turning up and putting in the work is sometimes enough. It’s enough to let you walk away with a little smile knowing you still got it done.

Some days will be better than others but we just can’t wait for the days when we are highly pumped up and motivated to work out. If we did, I know I wouldn’t train that often!

One of the keys to success is just turning up day after day and putting in the work, even when we don’t feel like it. Some days that effort will be massive and other days very little. But we still have to turn up and put in the effort. The accumulation of effort over time is what pays off.

So, here are 3 ways to help you keep going  on those unmotivated days.

  1. Commit. Just commit and don’t give yourself a way out. Pre pay for a class, make a promise to a friend you’ll go with them. Or like our members here, book in on the app and commit to a class. The majority of us like to do what we say we’ll do, so booking a class can really keep you on track.
  2. Just turn up. Even if you know it’s not going to be your best. Just turn up. A workout at 50% is still better than the one you don’t do. Sometimes its days that we “just aren’t feeling it”, that turn out to be a great workout. So just turn up and then decide.
  3. Do what you can. Sometimes you can commit, turn up and still not have a great session. This happens. Stress, lack of sleep, a fight with a loved one, these can all affect how you feel and the intensity that you give to the workout. On these days, just do what you can. You are still out working everyone else who’s sitting on the couch.


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