**** 3 Tip Tuesday ****


Possibly my favourite part of summer is having the chance to fire up the Barbeque.


The smell of the lava rocks heating up, the taste of the meat and that sizzling sound when you first place the meat onto the grill.


Three bbq's in one day is my record so far and once I figure out a breakfast I can cook on it, I'm pretty sure I can nail that elusive 4 meal in 24hrs.


With this cracking weather here are 2 simple tips to make your bbq meals healthier.


1. Ditch the bread.

Forget about the burger buns, hotdog rolls and side servings of garlic bread. Keep your bbq healthier by cutting back on the bread and focus more on creating flavors.


2. Bump up the protein.

Steaks, chicken, homemade burgers and pork chops. These are all packed with protein and with most people not hitting protein requirements, a bbq is a great way to get in a protein rich meal.


3. Load up on the veg.

Undo any carcinogenic by not burning your meat but also by packing up your plate with vegetables and salads. Big colourful salad and servings of veggies can transform your protein packed meal into a fully rounded feast.