**** 3 Tip Tuesday ****


Imagine having a way to simplify nutrition. No longer getting caught up in the latest celebrity diet or the blog post that offers “the latest 49 tips”. Wouldn’t it be nice to have guidelines in your head that would allow you to tune out all the dietary noise and stay on track? No more jumping from fad to fad or getting caught up in “friendly” advice.


Well if you take these 3 tips listed below, you can build your own nutritional foundation and make lasting change. Of course you can build your own style on top of this, as we are all individuals. But once you nail down these basic, you have a rock solid foundation to build on.


1) Protein

The building blocks of life. The majority of, especially women, simply don’t eat enough protein. Upping your protein intake is one of the easiest ways to help tone up, et lean and eliminate the hunger normally felt with diets. You should be getting at least 1g of protein per kg of bodyweight (slightly more if you are active and working out)


2) Eat more vegetables.

Regardless of someone’s dietary stance, nobody is going to argue with getting more veg into you. High carb V low carb, keto V low fat, Paleo V vegan. These all have their debates, yet the universal principal of eat your veg rings through all of these approaches. For your looks and your health, eating plenty of veg is a core part of our foundation.


3) Water

No good foundation would be complete without a splash of water. From energy to cognitive function, clear skin and vitality, the benefits of water are still well documented. Despite this knowledge, plenty of us still don’t consume enough. Look to drink approximately 1 litre per 30kg body weight (70kg person consumes just under 2.5 litres)


Use the basics to build yourself a strong foundation!