Breakfast Smoothie

This is a recipe I found by Jools Oliver and instantly wanted to try it.

It’s so difficult to find something tasty and healthy interesting and easy. But This ticked all those boxes. And also one more fantastic benefit, the kids loved them. Not just as a breakfast, but frozen in ice lolly molds they thought they were getting a big treat. Mwah ha ha ha!!!!!🤫


1 mug of frozen berries , (200g)
1 mug of unsweetened almond milk , (300ml)
6 tablespoons natural yoghurt
1 super-ripe banana
1 small handful of porridge oats , (35g)
1 tablespoon mixed seeds , (I like pumpkin and sunflower seeds)


1) Throw the whole lot in a blender,. Blitz and serve!

Told you it was easy!!!!!

You can add or change things like adding vanilla or maybe honey. And measurements don’t have to be exact. Make it to your liking.

Any remainder, just freeze!