The laughter from the tale of girls enjoying a night out together.
The nervousness of the couple on their first date.
The comfort of the couple celebrating their anniversary.
The mum and dad awaiting their main course as the kids colour pictures with the crayons.

Eating out is such a social activity and an important part of our culture and relationships with each other.

Food and dining should be enjoyed!It’s a time to swap stories and memories, try new and exciting dishes, to laugh, console and plan for the future.Unfortunately, too often when someone starts a new health and fitness journey, or even worse a “diet” eating out can becoming quite a stressful event.

“What am I allowed to eat?”“Will I ruin all my progress?”“I’ve had such a good week, will I undo it all?”“Maybe I’ll just order a salad!”
Use these 5 tips below to help you enjoy eating out with friends without stress, sacrifice or boring salad!


If you know you are going for a big dinner out at least make the first part of your day extra good. Spend the first portion of your day focused on protein and veggies.
Nourish your body earlier in the day, saving some calories for dinner and by bulking up your meals with protein and veggies, you can do so without feeling starved.
If you arrive in starving you WILL make poor food choices.


I’ll admit it, when that warm fresh bread comes down to the table it can be impossible to resist. If you are planning a nice indulgent meal just skip the bread and wait for your starter.
Simply say no thanks when the waiter/waitress looks to leave it on your table and just avoid the temptation because you WILL lose to fresh bread!


Your attempt to be good and order a salad can easily be undone when it comes out drenched in a sugar laden, high fat dressing.
Even your main course can come out swimming in a high calorie sauce.
Save yourself some calories by ordering your dressing and sauces on the side and that way you can control how much you use.


I think it’s ingrained in us since childhood where we feel this urge to finish every last morsel on our plates.
Threats of not leaving the table until every last bite is gone or the guilt trip of those starving kids in Africa has left us with this compulsion to almost lick our plates clean.
Often to the point beyond satisfaction of fullness.Leave your eating pants at home. Eat until satisfied. And don’t feel any guilt about leaving some behind…


A great technique to enjoy a dinner out and still feel sociable, yet cut the calories is to just order 2 courses.
Go with a starter or main course, or a main course and dessert, and you will more than likely be satisfied without having to overindulge.
You can easily save 300/400 calories by eliminating one of those courses yet still have an amazing meal.

And most importantly

Remember to enjoy your dinner out.

Go and do it guilt free.

Put away your phones and talk to those you are with.

Enjoy the flavours, smells and the ambience.

One night wont undo all your progress.