So yesterday Natasha and I were chatting how our morning routine can determine how stressful our day can become.

There are those mornings where once you get off to a poor start you feel like you are constantly chasing the day and just can’t catch a break.

These are the mornings where you can’t find the lunchboxes, the kids have hidden the car keys and they have decided to feed the goldfish some coco pops!

You know before you haven even stepped foot outside the house that it’s just going to be one of those days

On the other hand we have all had those days where we have been up early, enjoyed a peaceful cup of coffee (yes such a thing actually exists!) and maybe even rustled up a healthy breakfast before the rest of the world has even started to stir.

Those are the mornings where things go seamless. Every traffic light you hit is green, the kids aren’t fighting and you even have a healthy lunch already prepped.

Our mornings are in our control and as a result we can decide how the rest of our day flows

Here are 5 tips to create a stress free morning and improve your day

➡️ Get Up Early ⬅️

This has been the biggest game changer for me.

Getting up early allows me to start the day on my terms, helps me get ahead of myself and stops the feeling that I’m constantly chasing the day.

Rising even 15 minutes earlier can set a completely different tone for the day

➡️ Make a smoothie ⬅️

Mornings can be hectic and while you find time to feed everyone else, you’ll often sacrifice having a good breakfast yourself.

Sitting down to enjoy poached eggs, freshly smoked salmon and avocado might be an unrealistic option but we need to find something better than just tea and toast!

This is where your smoothie comes into. Pack it full of protein, greens and healthy fats and enjoy a nutrient dense breakfast without slowing down your morning.

➡️ Prep lunches the night before ⬅️

I don’t know about you but things that take me a few minutes in the evenings seem to take me twice as long to do in the mornings.

I’m like an old car in the winter that takes a while to get going in the morning!

I’ve found that making the lunches the night before and sticking them into the fridge saves me valuable time in the mornings

➡️ Stay off social media and avoid the news ⬅️

Don’t start off your day comparing your life to someone else’s highlight reel.

Avoid negative news first thing in the morning before you have even gotten the chance to roll out of the bed

Take control of your morning, and your day, by filtering what enters your mind first thing in the day

Reading about a horrific accident or someone’s cryptic rant on social media is hardly the way to start your day with a positive mindset.

➡️ Exercise ⬅️

Jolt your body into life with a bit of morning exercise. A simple 5 minute workout in the sitting room, a few minutes stretching or even a quick 10 minute walk.

Start off your day with a bit of movement, release those happy chemicals from your brain and watch the difference it makes to your day!

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