Are you looking for better options when it comes to snacking at night-time?

Here are a few alternatives that are either lower in calories, higher in protein or better on both of these fronts.

Some good options that wont leave you feeling deprived and constantly fighting the mental battle of not snacking when relaxing on the couch.

1 – Swap those high sugar Muller yogurts for a low-fat Greek yogurt with fresh strawberries.

The Greek yogurt option is 140 calories with 20g of protein compared to 200 calories and only 5g of protein in the Muller option

2 – Swap out half a tube of pringles for a handful of cashew nuts.

Mindlessly eating through half a tube of pringles packs 560 calories and only 5g of protein.

Whereas 45g (handful) of cashews is around 249 calories while boasting 9g of protein. Half the calories and nearly double the protein

3 – Replace those digestive biscuits with your tea with some good quality dark chocolate.

A measly 5 digestives have 400 calories while a 25g bar of dark chocolate will only add 150 calories to your day.

Small changes like these can add over a week and make the difference to your progress.

Now if you dip your digestives into your Muller yogurt and wash it down with half a tube of pringles your looking at 1160 calories!

Challenge accepted 😂😂

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