❌Protein will make you bulky


What will make you bulky is an intense muscle building program followed strictly for months/years, a calorie surplus and a shit load of dedication.

Eating protein is essential for creating that toned & fit looking physique that some women desire.

❌ Fats make you fat.

Fats won’t make you fat!

Consuming excess calories will make you fat.

Granted, fat does contain more calories per gram compared to protein and carbohydrates. This can make it easier to go over you daily calories by eating lots of fat but fats themselves will not make you fat!

❌Carbs are the devil.

Mmmmmmm carbs.

These tasty little fellas make me so happy!

Reducing carbs can make it easier to lower overall calories for the day and control blood sugar level too.

However we don’t need to go to extremes with this and cut out carbs completely.

Earn your carbs!

❌ Keto is magic

Yes, keto can work for some people.

But it’s hard to stick to long term and isn’t necessary.

It works great for certain populations (epilepsy seizures and endurance events) but as far as weight loss goes we have plenty of better and more sustainable approaches to drop body fat.

❌ Apple Cider Vinegar will drop pounds off you.

A few mls of this everyday wont “torch” body fat off you like some claims make.

One study showed a tiny improvement over a 12 week period (just over 1 pound) so it’s really not worth betting on this approach for fat loss


❌ Detoxes are amazing

(hitting my head on the table) NO. NO. NO. NO. NO

Don’t waste your money, or your will to live, on another detox.

This quick fix and gimmicky approach aint gonna work sister!

Put good quality food into you body, let your liver and kidneys do their job and make peace with that fat that real fat loss takes more than 7 days, sorry!

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