Some of the most common questions I get asked as I coach are:

-“Can I do extra core work to burn off my belly fat?”

-“Whats the best exercise to burn the fat from my bingo wings?”


“Whats the best ab exercise I can do to melt the fat off HERE” as she disappointingly grabs her tummy.

I hate the be the bearer of bad news but I don’t want to fill you with shit at the same time!

Unfortunately we cant just burn fat off one specific area with exercise.

❌ There is no amount of crunches that will melt the fat off your abs only, or no special arm exercises that will get rid of the fat exclusively from your arms.

By all means we can train these muscles hard, make them nice and toned and ready to be admired when overall bodyfat percentage comes down, but we cant just blast them with hundreds of reps hoping for that” burn” so we can get rid of that one area we are unhappy with.

❌ We cant decide where on our bodies we want to gain fat and we cant dictate where we want to lose it first from either

✔ What we can do is tone up these muscles with exercise, burn calories from our training and also address nutrition to lower overall body fat.

Exercise will strengthen and tone up the muscle, but our nutrition will determine how much we see of it.

With the correct training and good diet you can address the areas you want but only as an overall drop in bodyfat.