3 Ways to Ensure This Year’s Resolutions Aren’t Like Every Other

Imagine being the one from your group of girls that actually sticks to her goals this year and really makes a change.

This time you’re the one who can fit into those jeans that were left sitting in the wardrobe. No more wearing baggy clothes just to feel comfortable.

It’s the time of year where we promise ourselves that THIS year will be different.

We throw out the last of the Christmas junk, give up alcohol, join a gym and start a new diet.

Pretty quickly the sugar cravings kick in, were dying for a drink, we realise we have no idea what we are doing in the gym and our new food choices are leaving us seriously “hangry”

If we’re stubborn enough we might grind this out for a few weeks until we are bored with the gym, sick of those bland foods and secretly eating Cadburys cream eggs in the car (that’s just not me I hope!?)

Here are 3 ways to ensure that you succeed this year

1️⃣ Don’t Go Completely Cold Turkey

Excuse the cheesy pun!

January can be a miserable enough month as it is. It’s cold, dark and wet out. The decorations are gone and the buzz of December has left.

On top of this we then choose this month to give up all our favourite foods, cut out alcohol, start a new rigorous exercise programme and just stop short of flogging ourselves for our sins over Christmas.

Talk about an awful approach!

Unless there is a masochistic streak in you (hey, I’m not judging!) how long can you really enjoy this approach of suffering?

Ever thought of making January less hard on yourself and increasing your chances of success?

2️⃣ Get Off The Treadmill

Seriously! Are you trying to bore yourself to death?

Yes, we do need some cardio for health benefits but is there anything that zaps your desire to live more than spending 45 minutes on the treadmill does?

Instead, try a combination of strength exercises and full body cardio.

With the right plan you can burn calories and tone up without getting bulky.

3️⃣ Don’t Do A Cleanse

Please don’t waste your money, time and effort on these cleanses

Sure, you will drop a few Ibs immediately but in 4 weeks’ time you will be back to square one and the only thing lighter will your pockets

Instead try this detox
– Stop putting processed crap into your body
– Feed your body plenty of real, nutrient dense foods
– Drinks lots of water
– Let your liver and kidneys do their job to “detox” you

So if this year you’d like to:

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