Are you sick of “falling off the wagon” with yet another diet? Learn how it may not actually be your fault!

Nobody starts their new diet with the intention of quitting.

We enthusiastically begin our new approach believing that this will be the one that finally works for us.

We know that this approach worked for a friend or our favourite celebrity we convince ourselves that this time it’s’ going to be different. This time I am sticking to it. No matter what

Things usually start pretty well, and the first few days and we can’t tell enough people how great our new diet is going and how amazing we feel. Our walk is one of confidence.

However, we don’t have to wait too long for our first slip up though. Work, life and kids all get in the way of our well-intended plans. We manage to refocus and start back again. Then slip up number two, three and four happen and pretty soon we are sitting alone in the bathroom with a bag of Doritos questioning how good of a person you really are (or is that just me?)

Our confident little strut has turned more into a scurry now as we sneak down sweet aisle of Tesco’s, hiding the chocolate in case we run into Mary who is going to ask how our diet is going.

What if you were doomed from the start though?

What if it wasn’t your fault?

Maybe you were set up for failure.

Here are 3 reasons why you’re not to blame.

#1           It’s too restrictive.

As soon as you see a diet banning certain groups of food this should raise a few red flags for you. If a diet is so restrictive that it would test the character of a Tibetan Monk, I’m pretty sure it might be a step too far for you!

Once we start labelling foods as good or bad and severely restrict our options we are setting up unhelpful associations and emotions with food

Taking a less restrictive approach with our diet and incorporating food we enjoy into a calorie deficit is the key to long lasting fat loss.

Intelligently working in your favourite foods is vital to success.

Don’t follow a plan you find too restrictive.

#2           It’ not personalised.

Jumping into a one size fits all method with a diet is always asking for trouble. We all have different preferences, life commitments and schedules. Any diet that forces everyone to eat in a very certain way isn’t taking into account you as an individual. Of course we need principles, but the tactics need to be personal.

Maybe intermittent fasting doesn’t suit your schedule.

Perhaps the thoughts of another green smoothie makes you gawk.

Maybe you hate fish and can’t stand kale, but would eat broccoli until it comes out your ears.

We are all different.

Any diet that doesn’t take into account your individual situation is going to fail you. A good diet should give you principles and a solid framework to build your own personal preferences around.

#3           You are relying on willpower.

Any diet that is relying on willpower for you to succeed is soon going to fail you.

Our willpower is like a battery that slowly depletes over a day.

We can start off strong but every single time we fight to resist temptation we wear down that battery just a little bit more.

That can be one of the reasons why that packet of biscuits can make us break at 9pm where we could easily refuse them earlier that morning.

Throw onto that stress, your period and lack of sleep or fatigue and that  willpower battery can get depleted much quicker on certain days.

If your new diet is built on the premise of constantly saying “no” and having to stay strong, you’re asking for trouble.

Instead look for a diet that builds good habits.

Creating sustainable habits that eliminate the need to rely on willpower is a key component to sticking to your new plan.

If your new diet has any of these warning signs please be cautious.

It’s not down to you being weak or unable to stick with anything.

Quite often the deck is stacked against you and you’re set up to lose.

Let’s deal the cards in your favour.

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