Are you looking to lean up without starving yourself in the process?

Well increasing your protein intake is key to this.

We know that creating a calorie deficit is needed to drop weight, but we can make this less of a struggle by ensuring our protein levels are high and that we feel full after our meals.

However, trying to eat enough protein can be quite a task so adding a protein powder into your diet can help you hit your target and get better results.

Here are 5 ways to use a protein powder to boost your daily intake.

1 – Protein shake.

Nothing fancy or glamorous here. Just adding our protein powder to water or almond milk and shake it up. Simple yet effective

2- Protein Smoothie

This is a nice option if you want to upgrade your regular old protein shake. Lots of varieties here to suit all tastes so feel free to mix with flavours that suit you.

3 – Overnight Oats

These are a godsend for saving time in the mornings. Prep these the night before and store in the fridge and it’s a handy high protein breakfast for the morning rush.

4 – Protein Pudding

Plenty of options here that vary from Greek yogurts to chia seeds. The right recipe here can make it feel like a dessert yet boost your protein intake.

5 – Protein pancakes

Turn regular pancakes (which is just dessert really) into a bit of a treat that packs a solid protein punch. Nice way to turn a high carb meal into one that doesn’t spike blood sugars as high.

Whats your favourite way to incorporate protein powder into your day?