Quite often we start our gym journey with the sole focus of weight loss.

Get into the gym, do more work, burn calories and lose weight.

Good in theory, but in practice the reality is often quite different.

Within a couple of weeks doing weights our mindset has shifted from losing weight to noticing a whole host of benefits that come from resistance training that we didn’t expect.

Improved confidence is the most satisfying to see from a coaching perspective. To see someone hold themselves differently, no longer wearing dark unassuming colours, and enter a room with shoulders back is amazing.

Hearing that someone’s energy has improved and now have the energy to play with the kids or go hiking at the weekend.

Enjoying the benefits of higher libido.

Knowing that the quality of sleep has improved.

Someone’s anxiety has decreased and their head is now in a much better place.

Seeing someone’s posture improve and know they are now moving pain free in their daily life.

None of these are linked to the scales or how much weight one has lost.

We have a whole range of benefits that come from training that aren’t weight loss so be sure to acknowledge and appreciate these too!!!