‘But I could go to a gym for €50 a month’

This is something that we hear 🤯

And normally, anyone who says this isn’t looking for what we can offer

We offer PT led sessions, you’re paying for peoples time

✅ You’re paying for the Personal Trainers time, who plans and coach your sessions to get YOU the best results

✅ You’re paying for the constant upgrade of equipment and facility so YOU can have the best experience every time you visit

✅ You’re paying for the Client Care Managers time, to check in weekly and make sure you’re being held accountable to your goals

So yes, you can pay €50 a month for a basic gym experience, but how many times have you tried that?

If you can hold yourself accountable and get the results yourself then great, BUT many people we work with can’t

So they need ALL of the above 🙌🏼