We realise that everyone is unique. You are an individual and everyone has different goals, desires, limitations, beliefs and ideas.  Here at Unlimited Fitness we want to tailor our program towards YOU.

Many gyms will give you a quick tour, sign you up and give you a rough workout plan to follow. Then your’e left to your own devices with the hope that you will succeed. This leaves many people clueless what to actually do, how to achieve it and a feeling of it not being customised for them.

Before you sign up to one of our packages we will bring you through a free 1 to 1 consult where we will sit down with you for anywhere between 30 to 60 minutes to see exactly what you need. We will cover your training history, goals, injuries and rehab work, nutrition and lifestyle and see how to make it individualised for you.

We will figure out where you are in life, where you want to get to and how to get there! We will determine what support you need, what package suits you best and areas of your life that we can help address.  We need to determine where you want to be and what small and achievable steps we can put in place to help you build momentum and be successful.

Our membership here is based on direct debit so to ensure we are the right fit for eachother we will walk you through our training system, explain our nutritional approach, set your goals and determine the package most suitable to you.