Mission & Approach




You might have tried to lose weight, change your body shape or have tried get fit on a number of occasions, only to feel frustrated at the speed of your results and your lack of willpower to stick to your programme. We constantly meet clients who share the same story and feel like a bit of a failure for not being able to stick to their fitness and nutrition programme.



Here’s the reason WHY:

If you hate the journey, the “what you are doing” to get you to your destination, the “where you want to be” – then it’s a no brainer, you are not going to stick to it either on the journey or when and you reach the destination…

Our approach and mission is to help Educate, Support, Coach and Mentor YOU as our client, and help you enjoy your fitness journey so you stick with a programme long enough to see visual ‘in the mirror’ results and feel the benefits of good health.

You won’t find unhealthy quick-fix “fad” diets and programs here that promise you fast results but leave you worse off in the long run.

Everything we do here is based on our 4 Pillars


We are more than your run of the mill bootcamp that beats you into the ground week after week. We look to improve your health and the quality of your life by focusing on stress, nutrition, exercise and stress management.

We try to create a fun, enjoyable yet challenging workout atmosphere where exercise becomes a regular part of your life and you don’t dread having to workout. With a great group of people we have managed to find that balance of having fun, a bit of a laugh but still getting a good tough session in which leaves you feeling great afterwards.

At home we practice what we preach here. I believe health and fitness should add to your life not complicate it!

Why not come and join us on our journey?


Our Vision Statement

“Helping Women Over 30 To Build Confidence and Improve Mental Wellness By Making Enjoyable, Sustainable And Supported Lifestyle Changes.”





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