30 Day PT Kickstart For Over 30s


We realise that everyone is unique. You are an individual and everyone has different goals, desires, limitations, beliefs and ideas.  Here at Unlimited Fitness we want to tailor our program towards YOU.

Many gyms will give you a quick tour, sign you up and give you a rough workout plan to follow. Then your’e left to your own devices with the hope that you will succeed. This leaves many people clueless what to actually do, how to achieve it and a feeling of it not being customised for them.

Our Semi-private Programme is designed for parents and busy professionals to get real results in their busy lives.

Our 30 day trial is a discounted price where you can experience our premier program.

Its an introductory step where you can see the value of our small group personal training classes and experience how different we are compared to your standard gym.

Use our 30 Day trial to start your journey to the body you want!