We specialise in helping parents and busy professionals make exercise and nutrition an enjoyable & sustainable part of their life.
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What is Unlimited Fitness


Here at Unlimited Fitness, we ONLY work with parents and busy professionals. The reason for this is simple, WE GET IT!

We get what it is like to have to come home after a stressful day at work and have to cook for the whole family. We get that most days, you struggle to find the energy to do the things YOU want to do.

We try to create a fun, enjoyable yet challenging workout atmosphere where exercise becomes a regular part of your life and you don’t dread having to workout. With a great group of people we have managed to find that balance of having fun, a bit of a laugh but still getting a good tough session in which leaves you feeling great afterwards.

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Group Training

An enjoyable group training class individualised to the level YOU are at. Have fun exercising while in a supportive community atmosphere.


Our semi private coaching is an individualised training system for up to 4 to 5 people max in a group.  This is the programme you need if nutrition and accountability is your problem

6 Week Programme

Our 6 Week Kick Start programme where to have access to unlimited group training classes, nutritional support and progress tracking

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Book yourself a FREE TRIAL WEEK to come along and experience it for yourself.
Come and see how you enjoy our community!.

Latest News, Tips & Transformations...

Resistance Is Futile

Resistance is futile “I’m going to avoid those biscuits in the press, not going to go near them!” “I’m going to be really strict from tomorrow onwards, not another bad thing will cross my lips” “That’s the last piece of...

What are you saying?

  I want you to do me a favour. Close your eyes and imagine someone close to you. It could be your sister, best friend or daughter. Someone special who means a lot to you. Now start telling them they aren’t good enough. Tell them you hate their body. Tell...

Turnback Tuesday

Turnback Tuesday!   So apparently today is “Turnback Tuesday”! It’s the day that we have more than likely given up on our New Year’s resolutions and resorted back to our old habits. I know it’s a bit of a stupid name for the day but...

Our New Oranmore Gym

So to celebrate moving into our new facility here in Oranmore we are going to run a special Facebook group supporting our 28 Day Jumpstart programme!!! This group will be open to anyone who wishes to make a change to their lives and wants to kick it off in a...

We Have Moved!

  We have moved!!!! So Tuesday the 10th was our first day in our new home and couldn't be happier with where we are. To kick off a new year we have a new facility to help you! Our new location is Unit 16a in the Westlink Industial Estate (directly across from...

Christmas Timetable So for any brave souls looking to put in a few sessions in the gym here in Oranmore I have posted our timetable of available classes.   Feel free to pop in and burn off a few of those mince pies!   Have a great...

Swings, squats and push ups.

Looking for a quick work out to do at home over the Christmas? This combination will help burn off some calories, work your core and hit the legs all at the same time. Give it a go! If you don't have a kettlebell or a dumbell you could substitute in burpees...

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What Makes Unlimited Fitness Different…


Sick of being bored in the gym?

Dread walking into yet another fitness facility and feeling so clueless you just end up walking the treadmill for 40 minutes?

Know that exercise is hugely important to your health and well-being but just can’t get motivated to do it?


Well we are here to help!


Our mission here is to make exercise a fun and enjoyable part of your life. We believe in helping you build strength and tone up, lose unwanted body fat, improve your posture and relieve pain. By making exercise an enjoyable and sustainable part of your life, while addressing nutrition and lifestyle issues, we will help you make the changes you need while also making it a long-term success.


We aren’t into taking selfies, we don’t pose in front of mirrors and you won’t see topless pictures of us on Instagram. Why? Because this is about YOU! We are here to help YOU achieve the body, health and goals that YOU want. Our programs are based around you and making it as customized as needs be to get you to where you want. Our different membership options offer you the support and accountability that is unique to you. 
Our biggest complaint we hear everyday from people is how much they hate the gym. The treadmills, cross-trainer and machines make the gym boring and more like a chore than an enjoyable activity. One of our main principles here to to make exercise fun, enjoyable and something you look forward to. All our clients here work hard but have fun while doing so. This is what makes exercise sustainable and part of your weekly routine. You should enjoy this!
Too many people are selling the promise of quick fixes. Fads, gimmicks and the latest pill all promise you your ideal body. Thankfully people are too clever for this and are seeing through these sales techniques. We believe in a more holistic and sustainable approach to a healthy body. We base everything on our “4 Pillars” of Sleep, Nutrition, Exercise and Stress. By addressing all areas we can help you achieve the goals you want and keep them long term whether its fat loss or improving mental well-being. 
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