Semi-Private Training

So What Is Semi Private?


Our semi private coaching is an individualised training system for up to max of 4 people in a group.

This ensures a unique program designed to your needs, personal attention and the fun of training in a small group.

Everyone is different and everyone has different needs which is why we coach you through structured training programs that are tailored to you.


Want to know more about our semi-private transformations?



To help you achieve the best version of you this is some of what’s included in your transformation package


  • An initial assesment to cover your training history, injuries and mobility
  • An hour long consultation identifying your needs, setting your goals and creating your path to success
  • Up to 36 personalised semi private workouts to help build strength, muscle tone and kick up your metabolism
  • Monthly assessment to monitor your progress and make changes as need
  • Enjoyable workouts, the key element in sticking to a training program
  • A watchful eye on your technique to ensure no injuries or lower back issues arise, something we are very aware of here
  • Workout partners
  • Accountability and support
  • Individual nutritional plan and our PSR nutritional approach
  • Motivation and mindset
  •  A training program where you don’t have to spend your full life in the gym, minimal dose for maximal results
  • Plus a whole lot more