Body and Mind Transformation

Give Me 12 Weeks And We Will Completely Transform Your Body And Mind

You know you need to eat better and exercise but do you fail due to lack of will power, support and accountability?

There are hundreds of programs, articles, diets, and videos that teach how to get results.  The problem is they’re not specifically tailored to YOU!! If you enjoy the atmosphere and encouragement of a group session but you want a more hands-on coaching experience than large group training sessions, then semi-private personal training is a system that allows you to take the guess work out of your training plan

Does this sound familiar:

  • You’ve being putting your family or career first
  • You’ve lost your shape and confidence
  • Your eating and energy levels are not what they should be
  • You’ve lost confidence in your appearance and the clothes you choose
  • With work/family commitments you find it hard to prepare the right food
  • You need the right environment and you are ready to get expert help

Life is short and the quality of our life determines that of those around us.

You know you should do this for yourself but you should also do it for those loved ones around you. Improve the quality of your life and watch theirs improve

Time to transform

How would you like to

  • Feel more confident
  • Be full of energy
  • Feel leaner and more toned than ever before
  • Reduce anxiety and depression
  • Look younger and move better

How many exercise and diet plans have you tried in the past? And how many of them have worked? Most diets are created for the masses and aren’t individualised. Every body has its own specific needs
Our semi-private sessions are designed to get you in the shape you’ve always wanted with a variety of strength and cardio exercises to help you tone up, strengthen your core and ignite your metabolism.

So What Is Semi Private?

Our semi private coaching is an individualised training system for up to max of 4 people in a group.
This ensures a unique program designed to your needs, personal attention and the fun of training in a small group.
Everyone is different and everyone has different needs which is why we coach you through structured training programs that are tailored to you


What others have said about us

“I guess having never have done a fitness class before I was apprehensive as to what to expect but as soon as I walked in there was a brilliant buzz around the place everyone was so helpful and friendly Adam introduced himself and off we went done a class and I loved great crack great fun and good music which was a great help to motivate me …After class arranged to meet Adam and discuss my goals and what I wanted to achieve I guess my goal was to improve my fitness my diet and lose weight we had a good chat I decided to join up ….After 9 months making some great friends having great crack along the way and some hard work I love it I’d be lost without it and also have completely changed my diet feeling a lot fitter and have had to change the wardrobe as the jeans are falling of me lol. …I would highly recommend the class to anyone for any level of fitness or whatever your goals are Adam will certainly help u along the way aswell as making good friends along the way …Thanks for everything”                            
“I can thoroughly recommend Unlimited Fitness. I am attending now for almost 1 year. I love the variety of each class. No 2 weeks are the same. You are constantly being challenged but in a way that suits all fitness levels and in an easy, relaxed but yet motivating environment. Adam is always on hand and is keen on good technique and tips on how to improve which I really like. He also notices everyone’s improvements as they happen and gently pushes them on to the next level. There is a lovely atmosphere in the classes and I would urge anyone contemplating joining to just take the leap…they won’t regret it 
“When I started with Unlimited Fitness I had started running that summer and needed some extra help to say the least. Now with the gym 18 months and love it. The classes are small, friendly and a no pressure environment. Everyone is at different stages and there for their own reasons. I go to increase my strength, tone up a bit and keep my heart and mind healthy, while having some fun! 
Recently ran my first half marathon of 2016 and knocked 7 minutes off my previous time, I recovered well and have no injuries. Adam’s classes make all the difference twice a week it works very well for me”

“Can’t believe the progress I have made since joining Adam’s classes at Unlimited Fitness. I have achieved the goals I originally set and now setting further goals. The classes are very friendly, welcoming and a bit of craic. Adam is always there to answer any questions and give advice”
“I had serious reservations about joining Unlimited Fitness, not least because I had never done any kind of training in my life before, had never even entered a gym. I was sure I’d not be able for it, physically or mentally. I also had a picture in my head of some Sargeant Major screaming orders at me! Adam reassured me that classes catered for a wide range of ability and it was no kind of boot camp. Having just given up smoking after about 35 years of ciggies, I needed to improve my exercise tolerance and to lose the extra pounds I’d recently gained. On day 1 I think I managed 3 push ups in 30 seconds, 16 months on and my grandchldren call me ‘the push-up queen’! I am working on increasing my dead lift capacity and with small, personal classes you learn so much about technique, it makes anything possible. I have more strength, ability and motivation than I did in my twenties (now in my fifties). There is a fabulous atmosphere in the gym so we really get to have the craic too.”

Areas we need to address for a full body transformation are:





How many times have you started a program and not seen it through?

Have you ever joined the gym and not continued because you’re bored?

Have past injuries left you cautious to undertaking exercise again?

You know you need it but confused where to start?

Our semi private solution will help you hit your goals with individual plan built around you and your goals


How many diets have you tried?

Confused by the latest trend?

Don’t know to go high carb or low.

Mixed messages from media?

We don’t believe in following fads or gimmicks. Our no nonsense approach is based on nourishing the body with quality food without dieting, starving yourself or feeling deprived.

Our PSR approach will be a game changer for you!!!


Mindset is the missing key to why most people don’t get amazing results.

The emotional eating, the fear of not being able to do this, the negative thought, the self-doubt, no plan or clear path, these are the real reasons behind why we don’t make real change.

We are going to change this for you! We will also work on reducing stress and anxiety and improving the quality of your mind.

This is often the most neglected area but the one that holds the key to success

So who am I?

Well my name is Adam Keane

                                                                     profile picture

Well, being honest, I’ve always led a reasonably healthy and active lifestyle. I’ve always played sports and trained, but I was never that guy praying for a bit of sun so I could whip my shirt off! We all know one of them! Rugby was always my passion, but unfortunately, I lacked the skill set needed to reach international standard.

Becoming a father early in life probably kept me more focused on fitness than any vanity path. Like most people, I thought I was eating well. I followed the food pyramid, ate my wholegrain, bread and pasta and went low on fat. I even started weighing food and counting every calorie. Despite all of this, I never felt really good. I was liable to nod off on the couch at 3pm, always felt fatigued and was sick often. I felt a little cheated. This pushed me into studying health and fitness from a new angle. I stumbled across the paleo diet, and it intrigued me so I thought I’d give it a go.

Pretty soon I felt a lot better, and I was inspired to dig deeper into the whole paleo approach as a lifestyle. Over time, I made more changes and when my wife Natasha noticed how great I was feeling, she jumped on board to try it herself. She dropped 2 stone with no huge amounts of effort so needless to say she was sold on the idea. Eating and living paleo became our way of life, and our kids are being dragged along too.

I was doing all this myself quietly at home while working away in a good job helping adults with learning disabilities. I enjoyed the job, but I knew it wasn’t my passion. After a few deep conversations with a good friend, I decided I wanted to bring these benefits to more people. After LOTS of study, research and learning (which I continue to do every day) I packed in my job and started Unlimited Fitness.

This is the journey I am on, and I am extremely lucky to have a community of amazing people around me every day.

But I’m gonna be honest. I’m not 100% paleo. What’s more, I expect no one to be 100%. In an ideal world, yes, it would be great.

It would be amazing if everyone were fully paleo.

In our world of parties, events, convenience foods, and clever marketing, being 100% paleo would be a massive undertaking. Plus, those who know me would be fully aware I could never give up my occasional pizza! Cavemen had pizza, right?

That’s why I’ve adopted what I call “Practical  Paleo”.

It’s a hybrid of “Perfect paleo” and our modern world of convenience.

It is based on our  “4 Pillars” of sleep, nutrition and stress and working on those to build the best quality of life for you. It’s all about putting practical paleo principals into our modern lives

My goal is to help as many people as possible to improve the quality of their lives with the “4 Pillars” and do so in an enjoyable and sustainable way.

Testimonals from our members

Before joining Unlimited Fitness, I had struggled to maintain the motivation to achieve a long term healthier lifestyle.   I went to various different gyms which involved the usual regime of cross-trainers, with a bit of rowing and a few light weights thrown in but it wasn’t long before the novelty had worn off and the boredom had set in!

I was starting to feel more lethargic, more unfit and very squidgy around the edges so something needed to be done and 2016 was the year to do it!

My Brother recommended Adam and Unlimited Fitness.  I was quite apprehensive joining as I thought “Here we go again …” but it was a completely different experience.  Training with a group of like-minded people helps to keep you motivated along with Adam’s varied boot camp programme.  It changes all of the time. You never do the same thing twice and that’s what brings me back.

Adam’s sessions are tough and challenging but they’re so worth it. You come away feeling like a new person every time – guaranteed!

Adam is an incredibly talented trainer, with a huge amount of knowledge and passion for training, general fitness and healthy living.  He is always enthusiastic, motivational and supportive and genuinely cares about the fitness goals of all his clients.

For me, my main goal was to feel less tired and less squidgy.   I wanted to restore my old energy levels, tone up and become fitter and stronger.   I have achieved all that and more.  I now understand the importance of eating right and knowing what is going into your body along with being strong/fit and keeping things in balance.

Investing a little time and money in myself was one of the best things I did in 2016.  Before this, it was all work and children.  I honestly didn’t think I had time to exercise but with Adam’s class – you’re in and out in an hour.  My new motto is … everything works better when you feel better!


My main issue before starting with Unlimited Fitness was sticking with it. I had joined gyms and attended fitness classes before and lost interest and motivation after a couple of months. Adams approach was a breath of fresh air and his advice to start slow and build the classes into your routine worked well for me. The classes are informal, a good laugh but at the same time a great workout that can easily be adapted to your level of fitness. The format changes each week which keeps it interesting too.  My main goals when joining Unlimited fitness were to basically look and feel healthier and fitter and with Adams help both fitness wise and nutrition wise I am well on my way to achieving this goal and setting new goals. Adams advice regarding nutrition has been a great help and he is always there with answers on hand if you have any queries or are looking for some direction.  Having been training with Adam for 8 months now I have lost weight, gained more energy, improved my fitness levels, learnt a lot about nutrition and what works well for me and now actually enjoy going to the gym which I never thought I would!  Would highly recommend Adams classes for all levels of fitness to anyone thinking of joining


My niece recommended Unlimited Fitness to me and I wasn’t sure if it would be the best training for me as I thought it may be too advanced and I may not be able to keep up with the programs. From day one I loved the classes and Adam was constantly there advising me and encouraging me and all the class members. If I was lifting a weight incorrectly, he would spend time showing me exactly how I should be lifting it. My main goal when I started the classes was to tone up, build up my strength and get some muscle in my body. After only a couple of months I noticed:

1. My body was toning up the way I wanted it to

2. I have much more muscle definition and am definitely building up my strength

3. I actually know the names of most of the muscles in my body now! Since joining Adam’s classes I feel so much more confident in my body and feel I can wear clothes that I couldn’t before. I can also enjoy a glass of wine without feeling guilty as I know I will be burning it off in class!


I had some reservations about starting back to circuit training/weights as I had a previous issue with my back. But Adam was great – he went through everything with me to ensure I had the right technique and was very patient! My main goals were to build strength and have fun in a group session doing it! I’ve become a lot stronger & toned since joining the class and I plan on keeping the classes up. Overall, there’s a great atmosphere in the classes – it’s a relaxed environment, good fun but everyone still gets a great workout!

I was conscious of being un fit compared to the rest of the class. -I was worried about not knowing anybody from oranmore or what the classes consisted of as I have never done weights etc before In Unlimited Fitness there is constant encouragement with new tasks like weights and it has introduced me to new people in the group. Everybody was encouraged to go at their own pace and there was never any competitions between people. My main goals were to lose weight and get my fitness back. Sine I have start I have lost weight , become more conscious of my eating decision and become healthier and fitter. I have really enjoyed the mixing part and meeting new people as I’m not from oranmore and Adam takes personal interest in every client and is very efficient.



To help you achieve the best version of you this is some of what’s included in your transformation package

  • An initial assesment to cover your training history, injuries and mobility
  • An hour long consultation identifying your needs, setting your goals and creating your path to success

  • Up to 36 personalised semi private workouts to help build strength, muscle tone and kick up your metabolism

  • Monthly assessment to monitor your progress and make changes as need

  • Enjoyable workouts, the key element in sticking to a training program

  • A watchful eye on your technique to ensure no injuries or lower back issues arise, something we are very aware of here

  • Workout partners

  • Accountability and support

  • Individual nutritional plan and our PSR nutritional approach

  • Motivation and mindset

  •  A training program where you don’t have to spend your full life in the gym, minimal dose for maximal results

  • Plus a whole lot more

Full Money Back Guarantee


Now I want to take the risk away from you and put it back on me.

I want to guarantee your results.

This will be an investment in you but I want you to have full confidence in doing this.

I’m not going to offer a 30 day money back guarantee. Or even a 60 day. I am going to offer the full 90 days! If you complete the full program and you aren’t totally satisfied I will return your full investment to you!!!

This makes it 100% risk free for you.

No loopholes. No technicalities. If you’re not happy it’s simply your money back

Free Gift

Why not grab a free copy of our 28 Day Jumpstart and get an insight into our philosophy 


Unfortunately spaces on this are extremely limited and not everyone will be an ideal fit for this.

It’s important that we are a right fit for each other and not wasting the others time. So to ensure the best service I will have to be selective with those joining our transformation group. You will be getting 110% from me so I need the right people.

If you feel the time is right for you and you are willing to invest in yourself click here.


Let me help you make the changes you need to be the best version of you.

Simply fill out the form on the following page and I will be in touch to set you up for a consultation and see can we work together

Chat to you soon



I realise that this won’t be for everyone. Not everyone is ready to change right now and that’s ok. However if you are sick of wasting time and money and are ready to invest in yourself for long term change our transformation package is for you. This isn’t your standard gym membership, this a complete approach to transform your life.