Us And Our Story


Using Paleo as our framework we focus on whole, natural and unprocessed foods to improve health and body composition


Our mix of high intensity training coupled with low impact and low intensity provides the perfect balance for the body to grow stronger and repair.


One of the hidden keys to success. Striving for 8 hours of quality sleep to improve fat loss, hormonal balance and mental wellbeing


Stress reduction, meditation and mindfulness help round out our holistic approach to health and fat loss

 “My name is Adam Keane and I am the owner here at Unlimited Fitness, proud Dad, lucky husband and a big believer in a Paleo lifestyle.

I’m a firm believer in trying to help people improve the quality of their lives by addressing what a call the “4 Pillars” Sleep, Nutrition, Exercise and Stress. I am not a fan of aimlessly beating people into the ground with grueling training sessions and ignoring other important aspects of a health. Addressing your sleep, nutrition and stress can make a bigger impact than a few training sessions during the week.

We try to create a fun, enjoyable yet challenging workout atmosphere where exercise becomes a regular part of your life and you don’t dread having to workout. With a great group of people we have managed to find that balance of having fun, a bit of a laugh but still getting a good tough session in which leaves you feeling great afterwards.

Our fitness studio is based here in Oranmore in Westlink Commercial Park and we have being based here since January 2017.
Our main class which we run here is Small Group Personal Training. This is combines the individualisation of 1 to 1 personal training with the cost effectiveness of being in a group. With 4/5 people max per class you get all the attention needed to ensure technique is perfect and no injuries occur. With nutrition being a key to success you are supported and guided to get results with realistic dietary changes.

We also have our larger group classes which caters up to 14 people in a  circuit style class but is a major step up in quality from your standard run of the mill bootcamp classes offered elsewhere.

I believe Paleo is a great framework for your entire life and it’s one we incorporate at home in our own daily lives. With a young and energetic family I realise the need to make Paleo practical too. We have noticed a huge improvement in the quality of life in our family and this is what I want to help pass onto others.


This should be a long term, enjoyable and sustainable lifestyle. Not some quick fix, crash diet or fad.

Enjoy the journey!

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